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What a lovely day for a visit to this 80 acre refuge on the north shore of Long Island in the Village of Lloyd Harbor. There are 3 well maintained walking trails. The 1 mile Warblers Loop Trail, the Rocky Beach Trail runs along the north shoreline and Gardners Path the shortest, has signs depicting wildlife species and habitats.

Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020

There’s an observation deck, a stairway leading to the 1/2 mile rocky beach popular for shore fishing, a brackish pond and several vernal ponds. There are also wetlands, cedar trees and a mature Oak-Hickory forest.

Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020

Target Rock is home to many various songbirds, herons, osprey, turtles, red fox, deer, wild turkey and several species of fish including striped bass, fluke and porgy.

The view from the deck is magnificent, peaceful and serene. Walk down the stairway to the rocky shore, breathe in the aromatic scent of Long Island Sound, hear the songbirds call, close your eyes and let your mind take you to your own special place.


Your daily Zen, Hobart Beach,Eaton’s Neck by Neil Miller/The New York Extra/

Eaton”s Neck,NY 05/05/2020 Neil Miller /The New York extra/ copyright 2020
Eaton”s Neck ,NY 05/05/2020 Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020
Eaton”s Neck,NY 05/05/2020 Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020
Eaton’s Neck NY 05/05/2020 Neil Miller /The New York Extra/ copyright 2020

HOPEFUL THOUGHTS FOR LONG ISLAND’S FOOD AND MUSIC SCENE by Toni Hoyos with additional reporting by Neil Miller

Toni Hoyos interviews Mark Miller at The Salt Shack/Neil Miller/The New York extra/The copyright 2020

Spring is here and with that comes the anticipation of enjoying some of Long Islands favorite outdoor venues such as Salt Shack, The Boatyard, Dublin Deck and The Surf Shack. All hot summer spots where hard working Long Islanders come to play. Whether that be to relax, have a drink, eat, enjoy the view, beautiful sunsets and of course listen to the many talented LI bands out there.

Scott Campbell ,partner of the Dublin Deck Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020

Owner Mark Miller, along with his partner in Patchogues Dublin Deck Scott Campbell both expressed positive attitudes about the upcoming summer season. As responsible business owners they are prepared to adhere to the governors mandates. The main objective being to open as soon as permissible while maintaining a safe environment for staff and customers. What does that entail? Though we would all like a rapid conclusion to the COVID-19 shutdown, at the moment no one really knows. Scott Campbell said they are ready to “follow the rules” as put forth by the governor. Staff would be “gloved and masked”, also they were discussing possibly taking the temperature of staff members before work as a precautionary measure. He said “we’ll get through this” and is keeping a “positive attitude”.

Mark Miller at the Salt Shack Cedar Beach NY / Neil Miller/The New York Extra/The copyright 2020

Mark Miller expressed he’s “ready to go” and just waiting “for the powers that be” to give the okay. He’s “optimistically” looking forward to a Phase 1 opening. They will probably open at 50% occupancy, there will be no wait service, you’ll be able to get drinks at the bar while maintaining social distance. Safety for guests as well as staff. Mark and Scott both say they are “taking things 2 weeks at a time” allowing and adjusting for new mandates.

A learning experience for us all, no one will come out of this unchanged. No, we cannot go back to “normal”, we can go forward to something better, we can be smarter, stronger, and we can live post COVID-19. LI social life and music scene will return, not as we knew it but with a twist and as resilient people we will embrace the necessary changes, we will adapt.

Good Luck and cheers to Mark and Scott, may all your businesses prosper (safely)!! Be positive, be smart, be well!

From all of us at The New York Extra, to those who lost their life to COVID-19, their family members and all those struggling, we pray for you.

Beautiful Long Island, another installment of Zen for our readers, by Neil Miller,The New York Extra/

Long Islanders are truly blessed to have some of the most beautiful beaches and waterfront views anywhere.Today we take you to Tobay Beach in the Town of Oyster Bay on the Ocean Parkway. Either on the bayside or the ocean, few locations on the Island are as pretty.

Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020
Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020
Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020
Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020
Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020

The slow release from COVID-19, by Neil Miller/The NewYork Extra/

On Saturday April 19 2020 Gov. Coumo announced the loosening of the restrictions on marinas and boaters. The following day I went looking for every day families working on their boats, happy for the opportunity to be getting ready for the upcoming boating and fishing season.

This lead me to a popular South Shore location at Wantagh State Park, south of Merrick Road, right off the Wantagh Parkway. A busy State park that hosts a large aquatic center, ball fields, a roller hockey rink, miniature golf, picnic and barbeque areas, room for families to fish and crab, a launching ramp for boats, as well as one of the best public docking facilities on the South Shore.

Dean Prainito, from Bellmore N.Y. with sons Mark left and Luke right, on their boat Four Reels at The Wantagh State Park Marina, Wantagh,N.Y.

I was lucky to be able to get a brief interview with a father and his 2 sons, and another man prepping his boat. Dean Prainito, from Bellmore N.Y., with his two boys, Luke and Mark, expressed how happy they were to be able to start preparing for a summer on the water, and a chance to get out of the house. Dean was fortunate to get his boat in the water before the lockdown, but unable to do anything else after that point.

Mark Sanders, Wantagh N.Y. works on his boat at the Wantagh State Park, Wantagh N.Y.

Mark Sanders from Wantagh N.Y. was cleaning up his vessel, happy to be able to get some work done on a clear but chilly day on the dock.

We hope that this action by the governor opening the waterways to the public is a small but sure sign of life returning to “normal” post COVID-19.

A Holiday Prayer, by Neil Miller, The New York Extra,, additional reporting and editing by Toni Hoyos

As the spring holiday season approaches, we as a community need to give thanks for the blessings we have, even in this time of peril.

The covid-19 pandemic has swept across the globe sparing little in it’s path. The where, whys and hows of it’s origin and how it’s being handled should be put aside for the present time so that we may survive and thrive after this darkness.

As a Jew, this season brings thoughts of the last plague in Egypt, death surrounded the Hebrew slaves yet God spared them as the Angel of Death passed over their homes.. This thought is inescapable, as much as Easter, when Christ rose from the dead and was resurrected to new life, we should all look forward to the day of release, and celebrate a new spiritual life, with more love, tolerance and understanding.

So, when all our favorite restaurants, clubs and music venues return, and the time to rejoice has come, remember as we have that first meal, drink or dance, lets all thank God for the gifts of life.

The “REAL” Salt Shack, Beautiful Long Island, the second in a series of photographs for the Enjoyment and Zen of our readers by Neil Miller/The New York Extra/

The “REAL” Salt Shack

Surfer’s shack in between Tobay and West Gilgo Beaches/Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ cpoyright 2020

Today’s location brings us to the South Shore beach between Tobay and West Gilgo. Even in the summer, east of the concession stand at Tobay is a peaceful and mostly not overly crowded area. As you get closer to West Gilgo, there’s a favorite spot for surfers. It’s here we find the “real” Salt Shack, a cooperative created over the years by surfers and beach lovers. No one really seems to know exactly how or when it came to life, though there are some vague online posts here and there. Engraved in the drift wood of the shack are lovers messages, words of encouragement, peace and love of life. A simple basic structure where one can leave their mark.

Beautiful Long Island

First in a series of photographs for our readers enjoyment and peace of mind by Neil Miller

Today’s photo installment is at Shu Swamp Preserve in Mill Neck. A short ride up Route #107 to Chicken Valley Road leads to this private North Shore Park. Peaceful, with many nice walking trails, this pretty park gives you a nice dose of Zen. Good for families, couples or solo, FYI no bikes or pets.