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The Almost Brother Band at Shell Creek Park by Neil Miller , The New York Extra/ Another re-run from last summer.

8/02/19 almost brothers band at the TOH mobile bandshell ,shell creek park, island park ny from left to right Sean Mc Grath, Joe Wasserman,Tom Hooker,Bob Owen,Dave Losse, and Dave Filloramo

This review is easy to do ! The Almost Brother Band is one of the most favorite Allmans cover band on the Island, and one of the most fun to listen to,and enjoy the crowd they always draw.The Brothers feature Sean McGrath and Dave Filloramo on guitars,Joe Wasserman keyboards,Tom Hooker bass,Bob Owen, vocals and percussion, and Dave Losse and Bruce Dickson ,drums.

above photos Neil Miller /nysportsextra copyright 2019

In my interview with Sean, we went over the beginnings of the band,and how the pieces went together together to form the current band.More importantly, was his vision of what the creative force and the direction of the band was.” We try to separate our band from others in that we take from the Allmans the inventive energy that had ,and bring that into our music”

The crowd at Shell Creek enjoyed favorites like Statesboro Blues,and Blue Skies amont others.


A 2019 Summer rerun! Two Of Long Island’s Summer Music Staples By Neil Miller

Dublin Deck Neil Miller /nysportsextra copyright 2019

As the summer outdoor music scene moves into high gear after Memorial Day heading towards the 4th of July, two of Long Island’s staples got together.The Legendary Murphy’s, a huge fan favorite,played at another favorite,The Dublin Deck at 325 River Ave Patchogue N.Y. 631-207-0370.

The Dublin Deck opened in 1998 as a small seafood shack,and to quote owner Mark Miller ” has morphed into a must go in Patchogue”The deck offers a true restaurant menu, tropical drink special,as well as typical bar food and brews.The Deck is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner,and has music 7 days a week as well. Mike says” there’s nothing like having a frozen drink while listening to your favorite bands play”

all images above Neil Miller/nysportsextra copyright 2019

From left to right Lou ,Mike, Sandy, Tom, and John

Neil Miller nysportsextra copyright 2019

And the Legendary Murphy’s are one of those favorite bands. The Murphy’s are one of the best cover bands going, with a rabid ,fun loving fan base. Tom and Sandy Murphy,on guitar, keyboards and vocal respectively,Mike on bass, Lou on lead guitar and vocals, and Johnny on drums,play rock classics from CCR,Neil Young and Tom Petty to name a few.The band started in 2001 as the Legendary Houligans, and became the Murphys in 2006.Mike says,”The Murphys brings out the love in everyone,including us, and its a labor of love between us and our fans”.Sandy says” We play the music that we love,and we are one happy family, the band and our fans” One things for sure, when you go to hear the Murphy’s play, you”re going to see alot of people having fun dancing and partying.

Tom Murphy neil miller nysportsextra copyright 2019
Sandy neil miller nysportsextra copyright 2019
Mike enil miller nysportsextra copyright 2019
Lou enil miller nysportsextra copyright 2019
Johnny neil miller nysportsextra copyright 2019

Owner Mark Miller took over The Beach Hut last year, and now in its second year The Salt Shack has seen alot of nice new changes.Mike has also bought out the two restaurants in Tobay Beach and is currently making improvements on them, and either is opened, or will be soon.

Tom,Sandy ,Mike and owner Mark Miller neil Miller nysportsextra copyright 2019
Mark Miller with daughter Mackenzie Neil Miller nysportsextra copyright 2019

Claudios,The North Fork summer hot spot by Neil Miller, The New York Extra/

On this beautiful early May weekend, where everything seemed to be normal, we are reposting our article from Claudio’s in Greenport. Let’s all dream on!

Claudios=’s dance floor 08/04/19 Neil Miller /nysportsextra

Claudios,in Greenport Village on Long Island’s North Fork,is a favorite gathering spot for the summer crowd on the North Fork.It features a large oval bar under a canopy,tables for food service,a wrap around deck, and a large dance floor.

view of the bar at Claudio’s 08/04/19 Neil Miller/ nysportsextra

Many boats both small to very large dock at Claudios for food and drink.Next dock over is their seafood restaurant,Crabby Jerry’s,serving a wide variety of seafood and summer fare.

view of marina at Claudio’s 08/04/19 Neil Miller nysportextra

Todays band was,X-Session,that played a nice selection of dance tunes.With Pat Montefusco on guitar,Al Korenstein on keyboards,Jim Del on drum,Mike Quadrino on sax , and Eddie Profet jr on bass, every one got out on the dance floor a good time.

Always a hot spot ,everyone should make at least one trip a summer to Claudios at Greenport.

Gallery Neil Miller /nysportsextra

The Salt Shack at Cedar Beach the “Adult sandbox of life”, Today’s re run of life how we want it! , by Neil Miller/The New York Extra/

Neil Miller nysportsextra copyright 2019

Theres nothing quite like Cedar Beach in the summer, when the weather,the music, and the adult beverages are good.Thru out the years, the location has drawn not only the better bands on the Island, but large crowds of all ages of people having a good time.

This Saturday nite was not eception, with Decadia on the stage, playing cover hits of the 80s

Neil Miller nysportsextra copyright 2019

The Salt Shack has 2 bars on the main level, one bar on the upstairs deck,and the food service area with lots of sitting room inside and out, as well as a sandy lounge area and a brick patio

Everyone enjoyed the first nice summer Saturday nite at Cedar Beach

All images in gallery Neil Miller nysportsextra copyright 2019

HOPEFUL THOUGHTS FOR LONG ISLAND’S FOOD AND MUSIC SCENE by Toni Hoyos with additional reporting by Neil Miller

Toni Hoyos interviews Mark Miller at The Salt Shack/Neil Miller/The New York extra/The copyright 2020

Spring is here and with that comes the anticipation of enjoying some of Long Islands favorite outdoor venues such as Salt Shack, The Boatyard, Dublin Deck and The Surf Shack. All hot summer spots where hard working Long Islanders come to play. Whether that be to relax, have a drink, eat, enjoy the view, beautiful sunsets and of course listen to the many talented LI bands out there.

Scott Campbell ,partner of the Dublin Deck Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ copyright 2020

Owner Mark Miller, along with his partner in Patchogues Dublin Deck Scott Campbell both expressed positive attitudes about the upcoming summer season. As responsible business owners they are prepared to adhere to the governors mandates. The main objective being to open as soon as permissible while maintaining a safe environment for staff and customers. What does that entail? Though we would all like a rapid conclusion to the COVID-19 shutdown, at the moment no one really knows. Scott Campbell said they are ready to “follow the rules” as put forth by the governor. Staff would be “gloved and masked”, also they were discussing possibly taking the temperature of staff members before work as a precautionary measure. He said “we’ll get through this” and is keeping a “positive attitude”.

Mark Miller at the Salt Shack Cedar Beach NY / Neil Miller/The New York Extra/The copyright 2020

Mark Miller expressed he’s “ready to go” and just waiting “for the powers that be” to give the okay. He’s “optimistically” looking forward to a Phase 1 opening. They will probably open at 50% occupancy, there will be no wait service, you’ll be able to get drinks at the bar while maintaining social distance. Safety for guests as well as staff. Mark and Scott both say they are “taking things 2 weeks at a time” allowing and adjusting for new mandates.

A learning experience for us all, no one will come out of this unchanged. No, we cannot go back to “normal”, we can go forward to something better, we can be smarter, stronger, and we can live post COVID-19. LI social life and music scene will return, not as we knew it but with a twist and as resilient people we will embrace the necessary changes, we will adapt.

Good Luck and cheers to Mark and Scott, may all your businesses prosper (safely)!! Be positive, be smart, be well!

From all of us at The New York Extra, to those who lost their life to COVID-19, their family members and all those struggling, we pray for you.

Music,Love and Healing,This is how we Roll with out Rock

How the power of music saves our souls, by Neil Miller /The New York Extra/The

The usual suspects enjoying a summers night at the Salt Shack Neil Miller/The New York Extra/The

It’s March 24. And usually ,in a spring frame of mind, all of us involved in the Long Island Music Scene , are pulling out our calendars, looking at Sherri’s Scene, and Ira’s List , and planning our opening day at the Salt Shack, our memorial day weekend at Jones beach ,Woodstock at Old Bethpage and our 4th of July on the East End. Evenings at Freeport , Lido Beach, and Patchogue also fill our minds with anticipation.

Neil Miller /The New York Extra/The

But stuck in the blue and harsh reality of the pandemic now on us, what gives us strength is what lies ahead. We hope that the virus goes away soon, and that it doesn’t hurt our famlies , our friends, the community that we live in. All we want is to have a big party as soon as it’s clear. We crave to hear The Murphy’s,Wonderous, 45 RPM, Streetfighter, The 70’s Band, The Mystic , The Almost Brothers , and Desert Highway.

Woodstock Festival, Old Bethpage .2019 Neil Miller/The New York Extra/The

Our strength lies in the love and passion for the music on the Island( and other places too), and the the joy that we draw from being with our friends “.The coming summer will take away the pain of right now for all involved the club owners, the bartenders, the musicians, and all the people that make it work. Stuck in the present vacuum of no live shows, lets all hang tight and hope things return to normal soon!

Silent Spring

The possible loss of beloved Long Island Music Scene by Neil Miller/The New York Extra

As the spread of Corona Virus creeps into every part of our life on the Island, none is so painful to local music lovers as the possible loss or reduction in the music scene as we know it.

What we do know as of today, is Gov. Cuomo has now stopped gatherings of any group over 500, and those places under 500 have to cut the amount of people attending by 50%

What does that mean for us as of today? No Coliseum , NYCB Music Fair , The Space, The Tilles Center, and perhaps Nutty Irishman, Mulcahy’s, 89 North among others. And if the ban continues, add The Salt Shack, The Boatyard, and Lido Beach as well.

The smaller venues like KJ Farrells, The Warehouse, Sunset Grill, Beau’s and others will stay open for now, but with reduced music fans. All we can do is pray for the health of our country and Long Island and that this terrible time of disease goes away as quick as it came.

Desert Highway plays K.J. Farrell’s, by Neil Miller /The New York Extra

What is it about bands that play at K.J.’s? It just seems to bring out the best in a band and in a crowd. And that was the story Saturday night 03/07/2020.

Neil Miller/The New York Extra/copyright 2020

The first set contained Eagle’s favs of Witchy Woman, Lyin Eyes, and Peaceful Easy Feeling. Also played was Runaway, the old Bonnie Raitt hit, and Boys of Summer.

The second set just kicked butt with Hotel California, The Long Run and Already Gone. The band of Richie Naso , lead guitar, Mike Green, guitar/vocals, Reggie Bell, keyboards, Edgar Bettancourt guitar /vocals, and Larry Lipman , drums and /vocals just smoked the crowd with terrific solos, great vocals, and altogether a very tight and fun performance. A must see! Please visit their web site, for future dates.

Musician’s Night at The Local Tavern

Another interesting event at one of Kevin Sheehan’s bars by Neil Miller/The New York Extra

Rich Naso ,right and Paul Scollo ,left play at the opening night of the Musician’s Night at The Local Tavern,Levittown/Neil Miller/The New York Extra/copyright 2020

March 3,2020 started another new treat at The Local Tavern ,357 Wantagh Ave,Levittown N.Y. 11756 516-595-7570. One Of Kevin Sheehan’s newer bars now has a Musician Night every Thursday at 7 PM.

Rich Naso and Paul Scollo video at The Local Tavern ,Levittown N.Y. March 05,2020/Neil Miller/The New York Extra/copyright 2020

Not to be confused with an open mic, the hope is that this will be a place where the best of the Long Island band members will come to hang out and play , adding to the unique vibe at The Local .

Rich Naso Plays at Musician Night at The Local Tavern,Levittown N.Y./Neil Miller/The New York Extra/copyright 2020
Paul Scollo plays at Muscian”s Night at the Local Tavern,Levittown/Neil Miller/ The New York Extra/copyright 2020

Rich Naso and Joe Scollo will host this event ,and as the spring music scene heats up, this will be a good place to hang and chill.