Beautiful Long Island

A Holiday Prayer, by Neil Miller, The New York Extra,, additional reporting and editing by Toni Hoyos

As the spring holiday season approaches, we as a community need to give thanks for the blessings we have, even in this time of peril.

The covid-19 pandemic has swept across the globe sparing little in it’s path. The where, whys and hows of it’s origin and how it’s being handled should be put aside for the present time so that we may survive and thrive after this darkness.

As a Jew, this season brings thoughts of the last plague in Egypt, death surrounded the Hebrew slaves yet God spared them as the Angel of Death passed over their homes.. This thought is inescapable, as much as Easter, when Christ rose from the dead and was resurrected to new life, we should all look forward to the day of release, and celebrate a new spiritual life, with more love, tolerance and understanding.

So, when all our favorite restaurants, clubs and music venues return, and the time to rejoice has come, remember as we have that first meal, drink or dance, lets all thank God for the gifts of life.

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