Beautiful Long Island

The “REAL” Salt Shack, Beautiful Long Island, the second in a series of photographs for the Enjoyment and Zen of our readers by Neil Miller/The New York Extra/

The “REAL” Salt Shack

Surfer’s shack in between Tobay and West Gilgo Beaches/Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ cpoyright 2020

Today’s location brings us to the South Shore beach between Tobay and West Gilgo. Even in the summer, east of the concession stand at Tobay is a peaceful and mostly not overly crowded area. As you get closer to West Gilgo, there’s a favorite spot for surfers. It’s here we find the “real” Salt Shack, a cooperative created over the years by surfers and beach lovers. No one really seems to know exactly how or when it came to life, though there are some vague online posts here and there. Engraved in the drift wood of the shack are lovers messages, words of encouragement, peace and love of life. A simple basic structure where one can leave their mark.

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