The Carlos Carrasco Story Is One That We Can All Learn From For Sure By Rich Coutinho Met Beat Reporter @ The New York

The story behind the career of Carlos Carrasco goes far beyond baseball as his battle with chemo to beat leukemia is a story we can also learn from and by that I mean really educate us on what is important in life.

Chemo treatments are very tough and I can personally attest to that because it saps your strength and energy and just when your energy returns it is time for another chemo session. You have to have the will to live and a support system that encourages you EVERY step of the way.

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In his Zoom presser today you can see it in Carrasco’s eyes. He has the strength, focus and determination to beat any foe and it makes the analysis of him as a player seem trite and unimportant. But make no mistake he has the talent to make this Met rotation better but also has much more than that.

Every waking moment is a blessing and no hill seems too far to climb when you battle through chemo. And when you complete it, the sun looks brighter and everything you encounter you take as a blessing that God has given you. And I see that in his responses at his presser today that he has a inner strength you just do not see from every person that you meet.

And that strength will be very obvious as he takes the mound every fifth day but more than that the positive energy will be there for all to share in and I can tell you I felt it myself after the presser as there was a bounce in my step all day after listening to him today.

In Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco the Mets obtained 2 talented players who are also such positive thinkers that when they walk in a room a ray of sunshine is not far behind. It may sound corny but I think that is so important in any business and in a sport like baseball where you live with your teammates more than you see your own family it could pay huge dividends.

These last 2 days listening to these 2 players I felt an appreciation for all that I have and I must be honest. Many of those things I took for granted but I took a step back to be thankful for the blessings I have in my life.

And I know that Carlos Carrasco will perform well putting positive stats on the back of his baseball card in 2021 but he also brings an important mindset to the ballpark that can help us all in a time in which we are being ravaged by a pandemic while the country seems divided at the very core.

If you are healthy and employed consider it a blessing and do all you can to help those out of work or ill by being there and painting a positive picture with a donation or even a compliment that lifts their self esteem. I am a 60 year old man but you are never too old to learn things and the last 2 days showed me being pointed in the right direction can always help others.

Down the line we will talk about how these 2 players help the Mets and I think they will significantly lift the win total of the team but life is not just about wins and losses. It is about focus, commitment and treating others as you would want to be treated yourself. That notion was reaffirmed in my mind today as the Carlos Carrasco story touched my heart.

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