Lindor And The Mets Made For Each Other By Rich Coutinho @ The New York

Francisco Lindor has his first official meeting with the New York Media Via a Met Zoom Conference Call and he appeared relaxed yet excited and answered questions very directly and honestly.

Coming here was a dramatic transformation for Lindor and he made sure the world understood that he loved his team in Cleveland thanking all of the people that helped him carve out a major league career and stay on the field. But make mo mistake about it–he is elated to be here and wants to experience all of the positives of living in New York and playing for the Mets.

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He has heard from a plethora of teammates including Michael Conforto and Pete Alonso and made it crystal clear he will provide leadership but knows he is a part of the puzzle–not the entire puzzle. He also has the thing I most admire in superstar players–he loves winning and absolutely HATES losing. As An Indian, he has experienced some tough losses in the post-season and has a hard time even thinking about those times, And that is the thing that makes Lindor and the Mets a marriage made in heaven.

This team has plenty of players on this roster that care far more about the name on the front of their uniform than the name on the back of their uniform. And you can tell from Lindor he has that approach in his mind as he prepares for the 2021 season.

We all know what a dynamic offensive player that Lindor is but from a defensive standpoint I think the double play combo of himself and Jeff McNeil will be as dynamic on the field as they are in the batters box. And I can guarantee you if there is a spring training that the backfields in Port St Lucie will be a second home for those 2 players getting to know each other realizing that with this pitching staff infield double plays will be so important to the success of the entire team.

And Lindor understands that because you do not win Gold Gloves at the shortstop position without the help of your double play partner and that will be obvious very early on in the 2021 season,

The other thing that impressed me about Lindor was his candor and honesty answering questions about a long term extension on his contract telling us that he will leave that up to his agent and the Met senior management but he wants to make CitiField his long term home.

He made it clear he wants to stay here a long time but properly did not get into too many specifics on what it would take to keep him here. His mindset and passion for the game fits in perfectly with the culture the Mets already have in their clubhouse–Team Success is the #1 priority and when that occurs individual honors will follow that success

And when Lindor steps into the Met clubhouse for the first time he will witness a culture that he will relish because it fits his personality perfectly.

Like I said earlier a marriage made in heaven.

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