Jared Porter Got His Dream Job And Mets Fans Will Love His Skills In Building A Championship Team By Rich Coutinho Met Beat Reporter @ The New York

Jared Porter met with the media this week for the first time as General Manager of the New York Mets and we can all readily see his communication skills came off as advertised–he is an honest, articulate communicator and that fits in perfectly with both ownership and President Sandy Alderson.

During the session he was asked whether the 3-5 year desire to win a championship that was uttered by Steve Cohen a few weeks ago will pressurize him and Porter answered that question with honesty. He said, “I would say hearing a comment like that motivates me. It shows commitment and I want to provide a winning atmosphere for fans in New York.”

Talking to a number of people in the industry I was told by all of them Porter is the perfect fit for this position and he really fits in well with the philosophies of Sandy Alderson. “His vision is perfectly consistent with ours.” said Alderson, “and he will build ideas that will breed success. He has the potential to lead this organization over a number of years.”

And that comment indicates to me that Porter will evolve in this position from his GM role to a head of Baseball Operations role which could occur in a year or two. His resume shows that he has a plethora of skills that will benefit this team such as his player development skills that combine analytics with scouting giving each of those concepts equal merit in building a team.

And it was great to hear that he thinks this roster currently has talent when he said, “NY is the greatest city in the world and CitiField is the best ballpark in baseball. We have a strong group of players anchored by the best pitcher in baseball-Jacob deGrom.”

He knows Steve Cohen will spend money but also is keenly aware that the roster already has a good core group which of course needs additions but he also knows scouting should never be replaced by analytics-the 2 go hand in hand. And the scouting area the Mets need to enhance is the Asian marketplace–an area the Mets have not explored in recent years.

The combination of Sandy Alderson, Jared Porter and Luis Rojas form a trio that communicates so well and will enhance the Met brand by creating a roster than consistently wins. As we approach the holiday season, the Mets will continue to add players but do not expect them to spend like “drunken sailors” and understand this free agent marketplace may evolve slower in this pandemic world that we live in.

I hear the Mets are having conversations with multiple free agents including both Trevor Bauer and George Springer and with Jared Porter in the fold expect those conversations to grow and continue. In the combination of Sandy Alderson and Jared Porter the right men are at the controls and knowing money will be available will make this a great off-season for Met fans. It may take a bit to percolate but the New York Mets will be at the forefront and Jared Porter will be very good at knowing when to pull the trigger on a deal and knowing when to walk away.

He learned it from the best in the business–Theo Epstein–and we will see that manifest itself as the off-season progresses.

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