James McCann Is At The Fulcrum Of The Met Off-Season Plans By Rich Coutinho Met Beat Reporter @ The New York

We all knew coming into the off-season the catcher position was an area of need but the Mets would need to assess how much they would spend on that position because that could affect how they would fill the other holes in their roster. And with Sandy Alderson calling the shots at least for now, I would think he has composed a number of scenarios to help fill his needs.

There is no doubt that J.T. Realmuto is the most talented free agent catcher option but signing him could affect the budget lines you have left to fill other needs. Steve Cohen is willing to spend money but those of you that think the Mets will spend without thinking through transactions have it all wrong.

In James McCann the Mets would have a catcher in the fold for far less money and improve the team. He is an outstanding defensive catcher whose offensive profile has grown in the past year or two. And I think it would also allow the Mets to pursue both George Springer and Trevor Bauer the 2 best players in the free agent world at their positions.

I know we are all focused on offense and pitching but a middle defense of MCCann at catcher, McNeil at 2B, Andres Gimenez at short and Springer in CF is a key component here as the Mets need that with a pitcher-based roster. Bauer is a stud and fits in neatly in the rotation behind deGrom and in front of Stroman and Peterson. And if Noah returns by mid-season this could be a really star studded rotation.

It also allows Seth Lugo to stay in a bullpen that already added Trevor May and might even think about adding Liam Hendricks which could make this bullpen a star laden group when you consider Diaz had a bounce back year and you expect more from both Betances and Familia.. From what I can gather from my inside info, the plan I just laid out is very realistic but simply can not be done if Realmuto signs with the team on an overpriced contract.

So James McCann could be a signing that gives Met fans a great off-season even though in some circles losing out on Realmuto would be classified as disappointing. So stay tuned Met fans because come the springtime I honestly believe you will love the looks of this roster.

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