The Bell Tolled for Le’Veon, Not For Gase

By Jeff Moeller, The New York Extra/thenyextra.com

Le’Veon Bell is gone, and Adam Gase is still here.

Gase won again. Are you surprised? This has been the pattern since he was hired in January 2019.

Since he apparently won a power struggle with former GM Mike Maccagnan was fired, Gase has continued to elevate his status at One Jets Drive.

10/21/19 Patriots vs Jets at metlife stadium east rutherford nj Head coach Adam Gase looks dejected during the 4th quarter Neil Miller The New York Extra

Bell’s inevitable departure solidified it further. Maccagnan’s big ticket signing was never accepted by Gase, who had a detrimental history with star players when he was in Miami.

Need recent proof? Here are Gase’s comments about Bell’s release from Wednesday’s press conference.

“For whatever reason it didn’t work out,” said the second-year coach. “As our team, moving forward to Miami, that’s the number one concern for us right now.

“It didn’t work out. It didn’t work out, and we’re going to focus on this game right now.

It’s irrelevant at this point.”

No mixed words there. No love lost. Gase really never wanted Bell and always made it evident. Not a match made in football heaven.

Bell played in just 17 games in a Jets’ uniform and earned nearly $28 million of his four-year, $52.5 million deal. He finished his Jets’ career with 863 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards with four touchdowns.

Bell could deserve some of the blame for the breakup. He had his missed game last season supposedly of the flu when he was at a bowling alley the night before, and has taken out his frustrations on his Twitter account and on out-of-town outlets.

Gase never truly utilized Bell as a runner and receiver, the latter many see him as nearly 4effective as the former. Instead, Gase saddled Bell.

The tension began last season when he wasn’t happy with his production and it rose to mercurial levels during the summer over his hamstring issue and Sunday over dissatisfaction over his lack of involvement.

Gase made the call again Tuesday night reportedly after GM Joe Douglas couldn’t trade him, and Gase convinced his buddy to release Bell.

Remember, it was Gase who reportedly have the strong suggestion to owner Christopher Johnson to hire Douglas.

It also becomes more evident that Gase and Douglas are in this together for the long haul. This move was another in the reboot before the rebuild.

Ove the past two years, Gase got rid of No. 1 picks Jamal Adams, Darron Lee, and Leonard Williams. In Miami, Gase jettisoned Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry. Ironically, Frank Gore, who will now pick up some of the slack with Bell gone, was demoted by Gase with the Dolphins.

Don’t be surprised if Gase isn’t fired, especially if the Jets can pull out a few games. Yes, you read that write. Take a moment to think about that.

Gase seems too comfortable and apathetic about having the worst team in the league. There are no signs of desperation and panic. True, it is the Johnsons’ policy to fire a coach at the end of the season, but don’t put money on it yet.

So, what’s next?

Is Sam Darnold the next to be on the Gase gateway out of Florham Park? Gase took back playing calls duties Wednesday after he indicated thoughts of giving them up.

The Jets’ offense has been as plain as vanilla pudding. Is it because Gase is waiting to Trevor Lawrence to take over next year and send Darnold packing for a third-round pick? Douglas indicated that he wouldn’t speak about the state of the team until after the Oct. 29 trading deadline. Hmmm..

Wait and see how this plays out. It likely won’t be one of the more enthralling Jets’ stretch of games unless they execute on both sides of the ball.

One factor is certain. The guy with the hat pulled down over his eyes staring down at his play chart on the sidelines is in charge more than you think.

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