Quarterbacks vs Cornerbacks


By Lenn Robbins

This has been so good, even better than we he hoped for.

The quarterback play in the NFL has been sick.

Kyler Murray is going to set an obscene record with his next contract. Dak Prescott is completing 75-percent of his passes. Derek Carr is having such a good season he might convince quarterback skeptic Chuckie Gruden to keep him. Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 14 TDs and just two Ints but he can’t play defense.

And Tom Brady is Tom Brady.

We haven’t even mentioned Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Matt Stafford and Russell Wilson.

And then there’s sphynx known as Lamar Jackson who has shown tremendous growth as a passer.

How does any cornerback get any sleep? It was always the physically most demanding position. Cornerbacks have to sprint 40 yards and hope to keep up with sub-4.4 speed on one play. On the next they have to take on a 305-pound guard and tackle, oh, say Derrick Henry.

The next time you see your local cornerback, be kind.

Let’s take a look at some great QB-CB matchups this weekend.

Mahomes vs Buffalo’s Tre’Davious Wright. Wilson vs Jalen Ramsey. Prescott vs James Bradberry. Brady vs Xavien Howard and Byron Jones.

SEAHAWKS +1 over Rams – Last week the Rams got scorched – at home! – by Kyler Murray. This week they go to Seattle where Russell Wilson has been the best first-half-of-the-season-quarterback until the bumps and bruises set in.

Jets +3.5 over Falcons in LONDON – Zach Wilson made his first case for being the No.2 player picked in the draft. Can he bring some consistency and not get distracted by afternoon tea or get caught staring at Big Ben?

Giants +7.5 over COWBOYS – Extra! Extra! Daniel Jones has come of age! Daniel Jones has come of age? He goes up against Trevon Diggs, the hottest corner in the NFL. The law firm of Bradbury and Jackson files suit vs Cooper and Lamb.

Packers -3.5 at BENGALS – Aaron Rodgers is a big fan of Mike Tomlin. He’s Googling Zac Taylor. Unless Rodgers eats too much green chili, this line seems low.

VIKINGS -3.5 over Lions – Every time, I mean every time the Vikings begin thinking that Kirk Cousins is a franchise QB, he turns in a performance like last week. Maybe the Vikes are done with that folly. Fortunately for Minny, the Lions have Jared Goff, a younger cousin of Cousins.

+ STEELERS -1.5 over Broncos – With all this talk about Big Ben having lost it, why is no one talking about the fact the Steelers O-Line is so young they get carded. Or that they’re 32nd in rushing, which doesn’t help any QB. Speaking of QBs, Teddy Bridgewater is in concussion protocol.

BUCCANEERS -10.5 over Dolphins – In the NFL dictionary, this is the definition of a letdown game, right? Right. The Fish stink so badly right now it won’t matter. They don’t have a 200-yard passing game and did you see the Patriots try to run on Vita Vea? VVimpossible!

WASHINGTON +1.5 over Saints – The Taylor Heineke Fan Club forms on the right. Sooner or later the loss of Drew Brees was going to affect the Saints. It did against the Giants. Washington’s Front Four Monument wins the day.

PANTHERS -3.5 over Eagles – Holy Scott! Panthers GM Scott Fritterer has made eight trades in his first year on the job. Carolina’s starting QBs going forward are C.J. Henderson and Stephon Gilmore. Sam Darnold rebounds.

Titans -4.5 at JAGUARS – Disco Urban Meyer has had zero time to game plan. He’s been apologizing to every person in Jacksonville, even those in the 29th and Chase district. This has the earmarks of another college coach hire gone wrong.

Patriots -9 over TEXANS – Talk about a consolation prize. David Culley waits his entire career to get his first coaching and it’s the Texans, who are at the beginning of one of the worst rebuilds since the Antellebum South. Where’s DeShaun Watson when you need him?

RAIDERS -5.5 over Bears – Good news/bad news: Matt Nagy has committed to Justin Fields and the run game. Good – Fields is the future. Bad –  RB David Montgomery is out with a sprained knee.

CHARGERS -1 over Browns – Baker The Commercial Maker Baker is now handing out nachos and cheese for Halloween, making him even more unpopular in Cleveland where they’d prefer a few TD passes. You know, like the one Justin Herbert throws.

CARDINALS -4.5 over 49ers – Kyler Murray has done what diminutive quarterbacks that came before could not. Not Sonny Jurgensen, not Fran Tarketon, not Johnny Manziel. Lord, not Manziel. Murray, at 5-10 (probably 5-9) runs an offense that is designed to take advantage of his MLB-pitcher quality arm and Olympic skater quickness. Niners might be without Jimmy Garoppolo and although Trey Lance looked good in mop-up duty last week, he’s not ready to go 60 Minutes.

CHIEFS +3 over Bills – This was unthinkable two years ago. The Chiefs at home, on a primetime Sunday night telecast, getting points. Kansas City can’t stop toddler on a bike with training wheels. But no one can stop the Chiefs.

Colts +7 over RAVENS – The Colts play hard under coach Frank Reich and now they have their starting QB, Carson Wentz, healthy. The Ravens, historically one of the hardest-playing teams under the Good Harbaugh, will match the Colts. Ravens by four.

+ Best bet.

Last Week: 7-7; Best Bet: 0-1.

Season, 32-28-3; 3-1.

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