Is Urban Meyer Following Nick Saban?


By Lenn Robbins

  Urban Meyer is one game into his NFL career and depending on who you believe he:

  1. Has already recognized the pro game is not for him and he’s eyeing the vacant USC job.
  • Is well aware that many excellent college coaches have flopped in the NFL and he is hell bent on not joining that club.

C. Remains committed to building the Jaguars into an upper tier franchise.

  • All the above.

After getting powdered 37-21 by a Houston Texans franchise that has begun a gut renovation, and amid reports that Meyer is lost in the NFL, he was asked about the possibility of taking the USC job, should it be offered.

“I’m here and committed to try to build an organization,” Meyer said after saying there was, “no chance.” he’d take the USC job.

So scratch A, right? Not so fast.

Nick Saban, arguably the greatest college coach of all time, was failing in his second season as the Dolphins head coach when the Alabama job opened. That was in 2006.

“I guess I have to say it,” Saban said. “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

One glaring difference between the Meyer and Saban scenarios is obvious. Meyer has coached one game. Saban posted a 9-7 record in his season in Miami and had the Dolphins in the playoff picture at 5-6 in 2006 when the wheels came off.

Another glaring difference is this: Social media wasn’t a force when Saban failed. Twitter launched in 2006. Saban wasn’t subjected to the same scrutiny that Meyer is experiencing.

Meyer has a history of getting burned out. He did so at Florida and again at Ohio State – both big jobs. But there’s big and there’s the NFL.

If there is any truth to the reports that Meyer is having a hard time adapting to the NFL and if USC has put out feelers, Jacksonville could be a season-long train wreck.

Hard to imagine us picking the Jaguars this season no matter how many points they’re getting or who they are playing.

WASHINGTON -3 over Giants – Over/under on when the “Dave Gettleman on the Hot Seat Banter,” begins in the TV booth Thursday night? Six minutes into the second quarter. Take the under.

STEELERS -5.5 over Raiders – One of the NFL’s most functional franchises hosts one of the league’s most dysfunctional franchises.

Bengals +3 over BEARS – Unless Chicago goes to Justin Fields early. This Joe Burrow kid has Brett Favre swag to him.

BROWNS -12.5 over Texans – Giving all these points despite Baker Mayfield preventing Cleveland from behind an elite team.

COLTS +4 over Rams – Rams win it but Colts won’t go quietly in their dome. Love seeing Matt Stafford not beaten to a pulp every weekend.

DOLPHINS +3.5 over Bills – Bills bounce back from brutal opener but the AFC East is going to be harder to win than securing a prime time reservation at Joe’s Stone Crab.

Patriots -5.5 over JETS – Pats had Sam Darnold seeing ghosts. Zach Wilson gives reporters a similar description of New England’s apparitions. Police sketch looks like Bill Belichick.

49ers – 3.5 over EAGLES – Jalen Hurts gets his first experience being booed by Philly’s wonderful fans. This after getting smacked by San Fran’s defense.

SAINTS -3.5 over Panthers – Taysom Hill runs for two touchdowns, throws for one, creating more quarterback intrigue in what becomes the best early season story in the NFL.

Denver -3 over JAGUARS – Trevor Lawrence ups Zach Wilson by saying he saw the Grim Reaper. Police sketch looks like Von Miller.

Cardinals -3.5 over VIKINGS – A franchise on the rise over a franchise on the decline. Or Kyler Murray over Kirk Cousins.

Falcons +11.5 over BUCCANEERS – Brady to Buccaneers, “Do you know how hard it is to repeat? We can’t even beat the Falcons by two touchdowns!”

CHARGERS –2.5 over COWBOYS – Cowboys will be without WR Michael Gallup (injury), OT La’el Collins (suspension) and DE DeMarcus Lawrence (injury). Easiest parlay. The over/under is 55.5. Over.

Titans +4.5 over SEAHAWKS – Too much faith in Mike Vrabel to believe the Titans won’t turn this into a slugfest only to open 0-2 and ridiculous questions arise about Derrick Henry’s workload.

RAVENS +3.5 over Chiefs – Ravens at home, getting 3.5 in front of a national television audience after that gut-punch flop in Vegas? C’mon.

PACKERS -11.5 over Lions – This is more about the pitiful state of the Lions than the soap opera in Green Bay. Which QB has the biggest bounce back after Week 1? Who is Aaron Rodgers.

Last Week: 7-8-1; Best Bet: 1-0.

Season, 7-8-1; 1-0.

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