Giants trash the Mets 8-0

Pitching and hitting both go cold in tonight’s game, by Neil Miller, The New York Extra/

On a night when the Mets could have taken advantage of losses by the Phillies and Braves, and gained ground, the Mets put up a horrible effort tonight. Starting pitcher Tyler Magill gave up a homer in the 1st inning and went downhill from there.

08/24/21 San Francisco Giants vs New York Mets at Citifield Queens NY Neil Miller/The New York Extra/ New York Mets relief pitcher Tylor Megill #38 reacts after giving up a 2 run homer in the 2nd inning

The hitting was no better as the Mets scattered 5 base hits but were shutout by the Giants pitching. At this point, if the team doesn’t make a complete turn around to close the gap , is Luis Rojas position in trouble? With the tough immediate schedule in front of the, the Mets have to show what they are made of in order to make it to the post season. Hopefully, Jake DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard will be ready to go soon to help out.

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