Jets Need Zach Wilson In Camp To Stir Positive Vibes With Robert Saleh

By Jeff Moeller, The New York Extra/

Energy, excitement, passion, high ceiling.

These days, those are four of the more prominent buzz words around the Jets’ camp. New head coach Robert Saleh injected those feelings with his more presence. Saleh is regarded as a high-octane guy.

It is the kind of atmosphere Jets’ brass and fans have longed for. Adam Gase was a version of the walking dead and Todd Bowles was borderline too mellow.

This was the rebirth with the messiah quarterback. However, the main problem is where is the savior quarterback?

Get the quarterback in camp now.

Zach Wilson is in Jets’ rookie quarterback contract purgatory or “offset language.” Former top pick Sam Darnold dealt with it and eventually landed in camp. Offset language can allow the Jets to retain some of Wilson’s approximate $35 million contract if he is released before his rookie deal is over and he signs with another team.

The Jets’ didn’t sign veteran Nick Foles as a backup, and that duty lies in the hands of either James Morgan or Mike White.

Get the quarterback in

If the Jets want this magical background to continue to permeate throughout New Jersey and beyond, they need to quickly settle with Wilson’s agent and get him in camp. This was supposed to be about Saleh and Wilson becoming the next version of Weeb Ewbank and Joe Namath..destination Super Bowl.

This is what Woody Johnson, Joe Douglas, and Co. have sought and planned.

Wilson showed he can be a leader in OTAs, and he needs to further develop the chemistry. This team isn’t built as a playoff contender, but Wilson has the potential to create an environment in which the Jets could overachieve.

The offense will need its time, and the defense (minus the secondary) looks primed for a solid season. Along with Wilson, the Jets need to sign safety Marcus Maye to a long-term deal.

By the time you read this, Wilson’s issue may be resolved. If it isn’t, you should be concerned.

Darnold waited until the following Monday after his rookie camp to sign in 2018, and he was the second last rookie from the lot of 256 to finally ink his deal.

There is every indication that Wilson will sign soon, and it won’t be a long holdout.

However, the Jets should get it done ASAP. There are plenty of unanswered questions around in camp, and this shouldn’t be a major one.

More importantly, don’t damper the spirits of a franchise that finally has high hopes over a head coach and a quarterback after going 23-67 over the last five seasons.

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