Bad Blood Surfaces In Philly As The Met Defense and Offense Continue to Struggle By Rich Coutinho,The New York Extra/

The Mets and Phils have faced 3 times with Mets winning 4 of the 6 games coming into tonight and you get the sense these 2 teams are starting to intensely dislike each other. These games have had a number of hits batsmen with plenty of yapping between the 2 teams.

Tonight in Philly it came to a head as the Mets trailing 2 to 1 in the 8th inning continued to leave runners in scoring position and when Jose Alvarado struck out Dominic Smith the two began jawing at each other clearing the benches and bullpen. And in the bottom half of the inning the Mets Miquel Castro got into a shouting match with Rhys Hoskins in their encounter. No punches thrown but clearly these are 2 teams that don’t like each other.

As far as the game is concerned Marcus Stroman pitched well but gave up 2 unearned runs in the second inning as a James McCann passed ball plated 2 runs. The Met offense continued to struggle with runners in scoring position having numerous chances to score and could muster an RBI single from Dom Smith in the sixth inning.

When you watch the Mets at the plate, there is a whole bunch of overswinging going on which you can understand with the bases empty but in those run scoring scenarios they should cut down on their swing and try to hit the ball where it is pitched but they insist on overswinging trying a launch angle going which just makes them an easier target for poor at bats in these crucial situations.

And that in my humble opinion is the root cause of what we are seeing at the plate. Until that changes, they will continue to struggle as this 2-1 loss pushes them 2 games below 500 and even in a division where nobody has taken charge their play is VERY troubling. This lineup must start acting like the back of their baseball card’s historical resume and every player needs to look in the mirror after another loss where their pitching performed in an outstanding fashion.

I know the talk will be about the near brawl but the truth is this team needs to hit as in the last 3 games they scored a total of 2 runs and wasted great starting pitching. Continuing in this fashion is a recipe for disaster for their 2021 goals.

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