Jacob deGrom Has His Final Tune Up And Can’t Wait For The Start Of The Season By Rich Coutinho Met Beat Reporter

There are many reasons Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher in baseball and his talented pitching arm is the biggest part of that but his will to always get better and his competitive drive to win is what defines him and after a final tune-up you get the feeling he has his arm and mind in total sync to lead the Mets as the open the season on April 1 against the Nats in DC.

I have been around deGrom since his major league debut and his focus and drive gets him through tough moments like lack of offensive support or a fielding error. And on nights where he does not have his best stuff he toughs out a great performance time after time. After his tune up he said, “Every year we always have the singular purpose of winning a title. On a day like today, it is just not the same as facing another team so there will definitely be more adrenaline come April 1.”

04/16/18 Washington Nationals vs New York Mets at Citifield Queens NY New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom #48 pitches in the 6th inning Neil Miller The New York Extra/ copyright 2021

One of the big things the Mets have to do in the next few days is try to get contract extensions for both Michael Conforto and Francisco Lindor and deGrom went through that and did have some advice for those 2 star players. “You definitely think about it and it is not easy but what makes it easier is being here getting ready. That is the way I viewed it. If something didn’t get done, you got to still go out there and be ready to compete,” said deGrom.

Jacob deGrom has the knack of being a great teammate and showed that yesterday when he simply put it bluntly talking about Noah Syndergaard and his rehab from Tommy John surgery saying, “From what I’ve seen he looks like he is ready to pitch. I know you have the follow rehab protocol but adding him to the rotation sometime this season will make us so much stronger.”

When you combine the talent in the right arm of Jacob deGrom with his mind for competing in this game and his focus and determination you can readily see why he is the sports best pitcher. But the thing that is often overlooked by the experts is how he leads in the Met clubhouse always supporting his teammates and showing the example of worrying about things you can not control is an utter waste of time. The reason for that is two-fold: You can’t change the things you can’t control and worrying about them takes the time away from you to correcting the things you can control.

I know it sounds trite but this very fact drives deGrom to greatness and by example other players in that clubhouse like Michael Conforto and Dom Smith saw that and have emulated it in their daily planning of executing their game plan. And I hope that both Michael Conforto and Francisco Lindor try to emulate how deGrom handled contact extension talks while still performing at a high level day after day.

And deGrom had the added media outcry that Brodie Van Wagenen might have an advantage knowing so much about a former client but it all worked out and that is during previous ownership that had far less in terms of financial assets.

I firmly believe both those extensions will get done because it make sense for BOTH parties to get it done. And those 2 players merely need to look across the clubhouse and see how it worked out for the best pitcher in baseball. Leadership by example is one of the many things Jacob deGrom brings to this team every day and that combined with his talent makes him the most valuable player in the entire sport of baseball.

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