Mets Lose Out On Bauer and Explore Next Steps By Rich Coutinho Met Beat Reporter @New York

The last 24 hours were a true illustration of what our business has become. Reporters trying to get the story and so many missing the boat as Trevor Bauer rumored for a whole day destined to be a Met ended up signing with the Dodgers making Met fans on Twitter angry and depressed.

Now don’t get me wrong–Bauer would have been a great addition but it was just not in the cards. I really believe Met fans need to take a step back here and honestly look at what the team has already done. They have improved the team at second base with McNeil replacing Cano, got a really good catcher in McCann, improved their bullpen depth with Trevor May and Aaron Loup and added a good starting pitcher in Carlos Carrasco as well as trading for the best available player in the game –Francisco Lindor.

These are not minor additions by any means and although Bauer would have been a huge addition we should not underrate the moves they did make nor think that they are done. They still need to address centerfield and possibly add another starter.

The pitchers still out there include Jake Odorizzi, James Paxton, Rich Hill and Jake Arrieta and I expect one of them to be on the Mets come spring training.

As far as centerfield is concerned, the lack of a DH is a big factor in that decision which is why the Mets are delaying that decision. Without a DH you will likely see Brandon Nimmo in center so Dom Smith can get time in left field while a DH would allow the Mets to get a centerfielder and put Nimmo in left using the DH to get At bats for the combo of Nimmo, Dom Smith, Jose Martinez and Pete Alonso on a regular basis.

And then there is the issue of re-upping Michael Conforto and Francisco Lindor while knowing that lurking is the contract status of Noah Syndergaard once he shows his post-Tommy John skills this season. That trio of players is so important to the future of the franchise and in the next 6-9 months each of those contracts MUST be addressed.

As tough a day this was for Met fans, they must look at this in a clear fashion because I know Sandy Alderson is doing just that. None of us should forget Sandy ALWAYS has a plan B and historically he has shown that. Have we all forgotten the Yoenis Cespredes deal in 2015 that cleared the path to a pennant occurred after a 48 hour period in which the Mets experienced 2 of the worst days in team history.

Sometimes in this sport the best deals are the ones you do not make and Met history has shown us that. In the Omar Minaya regime, Met fans lamented the day they lost out on Barry Zito only to find Johan Santana under their holiday tree a year later.

Or that the loss of Mike Hampton to The Rockies brought David Wright as the team got a compensatory pick. You just never know and I want to be clear that I think Bauer would have been been a GREAT signing but general managers in this business always have a Plan B and sometimes dollar for dollar that turns out to be a better courese of action.

This Met roster is already so much better than the 2020 version of the team and there are still great options out there. For example, I am sure the Rockies might want to shed more payroll and Charlie Blackmon could be a great fit in center for the Mets. I was thinking a trade with JD Davis at the core and then sign Justin Turner to a free agent contract putting him at third base.

I only bring this up to illustrate the options still out there and Sandy Alderson knows all of this. So stay tuned Met fans. I have a feeling you are all going to love Sandy’s Plan B.

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