A Preview of Today’s NFL Wild Card Playoff Tripleheader By Rich Coutinho @ The New York Extra

For the second straight day we get an NFL Playoff Tripleheader that features some solid matchups including the one I think is the best battle of the entire weekend.

That best matchup is the Ravens taking on The Titans that features the great running game of the Titans taking on the multi-faceted Lamar Jackson of the Ravens. It is my firm belief that the Ravens are so dangerous as they come into the playoffs playing so well on both sides of the line of scrimmage. That factor coupled with the notion that Jackson has much to prove in the post-season leads me to think that the Ravens will dominate the line of scrimmage and will blowout the Titans 35-10 in this one.

The Bears and Saints seems like a lopsided matchup but I am not sure about that. I fully understand that the Saints offense behind Drew Brees has many weapons to score and The Bears have a quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky  whose season has been lopsided in nature and at times perceived as a disaster. But my thought here is the Saints might come into this contest overconfident and this Bear team does have a hard hitting defense. To win, they must get the Saints to turn the ball over and utilize a controlled passing game to move the football as Trubisky’s mobility must be active and aggressive against the blitzing Saints. I just get a sense we might the best effort of the year from the Bears but the Saints will survive with a 27-24 win.

The final game of the day pits divisional foes as the Browns tangle with the Steelers with both teams taking strange routes to the playoffs. The Steelers started out the season 11-0 behind Ben Roethlisberger but of late have struggled with a non-existent running game making them beatable in this game. Meanwhile, the Browns behind Baker Mayfield got to the playoffs because they can run the ball with both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt who both run the ball and do not turn it over. The Browns defense will take chances and they will need to in this game because they need to force Steeler turnovers. I think they can and Browns will upset the Steelers 31-24 in a high scoring contest.

There you have it–Enjoy a day filled with NFL Playoff Football.

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