DWI driver lands in jail, by Neil Miller, The New York Extra/

SCPD arrested Michael Capuano last night after he tried to evade arrest after driving recklessly in the Farmingville,NY area. Police attempted to stop Capuano after he was observed weaving and driving against traffic ,and continued to do so, until he was stopped at the rear of 2400 North Ocean Ave. Capuano,55, of Selden, was charged with 3rd degree fleeing a Police Officer ,operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs, in the 1st degree, and resisting arrest. He was due to be arraigned today ,Jan 9th in !st district court in Central Islip. Above information was provided by the SCPD.

01/08/21 This car , crashed behind an adult store at 2400 North Ocean Ave Farmingville,NY after being pursued by SCPD , alleged Dwi Neil Miller The New York Extra/ copyright 2021

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