The Austin Rivers Show Beats The Jazz Giving The Knicks A Third Straight Win

The Knicks upped their record to 5 and 3 with a dramatic come from behind 112 to 100 win over the Utah Jazz as Austin Rivers pumped in 23 points–including 14 straight points at crunch time late in the game.

Rivers hit shot after shot many behind the 3 point arc from different angles keeping the Jazz defense confused and unable to stop him. Julius Randle had another great game pumping in 30 points coupled with 10 rebounds while Elfrid Payton chipped in with 22 points to keep the Knicks scoring sheet balanced and hard to defend.

This was a contest the Knicks trailed by 18 points in the first half but they outscored the Jazz 68-44 after halftime. Once again, this Knick team made in-game adjustments to come back from a double digit deficit which is becoming standard operating procedure for them.

After the game, many Knicks talked about how great this game would have been if the Knick fans were in the building as this team has the passion and energy Knick fans have been missing the past few years. A 5 and 3 start is good but there are so many more games on the schedule you do not want to get too far ahead of yourself.

But I will say this–The Knicks did not earn their 5th win of the year until Game #23 last year and this team seems to have a different hero every night. Yesterday that hero was Austin Rivers who never lacks confidence and is making the most of this opportunity.

Much like his fellow teammates are doing and that translates into a winning record.

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