Jets’ Recent Woes Could Be A Seattle Slew Afternoon

A Seattle Slew

By Jeff Moeller, The New York Extra/

The Jets will battle Seattle late Sunday afternoon, and it will be a game with mixed storylines and mixed signals.

There also are some questions on the table.

Put aside the final predictable outcome, and watch for the personable performances.

That is, the ones that are left.

Check your Jets’ roster when you watch  Sunday afternoon. You’ll need it.

With a month left in the season for a team that will finish 0-16, it predictably has come down to this.

Head coach Adam Gase began the nosedive by proclaiming he didn’t help quarterback Sam Darnold.

Keep an eye on Darnold, tackle Mekhi Becton, and wide receiver Denzel Mims when he returns next week from a family issue.

They are still worth watching.

The Jets will field a lineup that will resemble one in the fourth quarter of a preseason game against a Seahawks team that will be chomping at the bit after their shocking loss to the Giants last week.

Seattle likely won’t show any mercy regardless of head coach Pete Carroll’s recent praise of Sam Darnold and former Jet Jamal Adams reportedly making “peace” with himself over a falling out with head coach Adam Gase and general manager Joe Douglas.

Starters linebacker Jordan Jenkins, safety Ashtyn Davis, wide receiver Denzel Mims, and guard Greg Van Roten will be out of the lineup, and cornerback Bless Austin is back in the much-needed dilapidated secondary.

Without Van Roten, the Jets won’t have their two starting guards in the lineup. Other starter Alex Lewis mysteriously has been on the non-football list for three weeks. Fourth-round pick Cameron Clark should see some time.

Wide receiver Jamison Crowder — the team’s most consistent performer — and running back Frank Gore — the 37-year-old workhorse — are both questionable.

Jeff Smith, Bryce Huff, Jimmy Murray, Matthias Farley, Saquan Hampton, and Pat Elflein likely will see action on their respective side of the ball.

Gase quipped this week that the team “was looking for volunteers.”

The same could be said for a new Jets coach come January.

Timing is everything. The lifeboats have splashed.

Darnold redeemed himself with a thorough performance against the Raiders last Sunday and has a four-week audition left to decide his fate. But will he have enough weapons around him for the run?

Mims has been injured prone already, and let’s hope he can avoid a catastrophic one down the stretch.

Becton also should be under the microscope. He has played well and needs to continue, but do the Jets have him work with a patchwork line?

One possible storyline to follow is how new defensive coordinator Frank Bush will approach Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson and receiving machines DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett.

One side note: Who was the Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator when they went 0-16?

Answer: Gregg Williams

Enough said. More evidence of a doomed season.

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