Giants Face Must Win To Change Their Course

By Jeff Moeller, The New York Extra/thenyextra.com

The Giants have a must-win situation against the Eagles Sunday at MetLife.

That’s not much of an edict coming from a 2-7 team.

But they continue to be the best 2-7 team that easily could be 5-4.

It proves to be a donnybrook between two teams that could win the NFC East (better word is Least). And Philadelphia (3-4-1) has the Giants’ number in their last eight games.

The Giants had an 11-point lead with 6:17 left in the game during their other meeting in October. Philadelphia won that game in the last 40 seconds.

Now that the Giants held off Washington last week for their second win, it is a matter of credibility, confidence, and clarity.

They finally finished a game, and it’s time to take the next step. Gain some momentum and put a Philly hex behind them.

This won’t be easy against the Eagles, who are coming off a bye week and may have found their niche with a three-game winning streak.

Still, the Giants need to win. It isn’t about a high draft pick in 2021 anymore. Instead, the Giants should smell and scent the victory trail.

Joe Judge, Patrick Graham, Jason Garrett, Daniel Jones, Jabrill Peppers, Graham Gano are four centerpieces among a few others who have to be on their game and lead the team to a productive second half.

“We have to finish as a team,and play a complete game,” stressed Judge. “You can’t fall asleep on Philly. They’re an explosive team, and they do a great job in situations.”

Remember, this was the game in which Jones had the 80-yard run before he stumbled short of the end zone. Let’s see him run this week.

Jones had a stable, game-manager effort against Washington, and can’t regress. His line has been progressing every week and can’t fall off the rails. Garrett dialed up a ringing success and has to keep pace. 

Graham has the Giants’ defensive unit playing with the type of confidence that they lacked for the past several years, and Peppers can be the spark plug needed in the secondary.

As for Gano, he may be the most valuable player so far, definitely one of the best pickups this season, as he has solidified the kicking game.

It is bound to be a good one Sunday, and the Giants need to seal another one at the end. Gano certainly can be the difference.

Just win, Giants. Just win.

If you do, the rest of the season will take its course, and it could end in the postseason.

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