Cohen & Alderson Provide An Honest And Genuine Setting For Met Fans By Rich Coutinho Met Beat Reporter @ The New York

I have been to tons of press conferences just like the one we saw yesterday via Zoom from CitiField and I thought the session was in 2 words; genuine and honest. And that is great news for Met fans.

Steve Cohen answered questions directly and honestly while telling MetNation that he wants sustained success and even said that he thinks this team could reach the Promised Land in a 3-5 year period although he would like it to be sooner. He also compared the journey he is about to embark upon to the Dodgers which was like music to the ears of Met fans.

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Sandy Alderson was also very honest detailing that he thought Luis Rojas would likely be back as manager no matter whom he decides will assume the role of general manager. He also spoke about how he feels the Met destination will be an attractive one for free agents and in a radio interview did not dismiss Trevor Bauer, a top flight free agent pitcher saying that his type of emotion was made for New York.

You got the sense from both Cohen and Alderson that although we are entering into an off-season that followed the pandemic 60 game schedule they have a good sense of the needs of the team and Cohen is willing to provide the resources that a big market team needs in terms of payroll budget.

I do not think the team will become wild spenders but money will not ever be a factor in losing a player they need and want. It will be all about how that player fits in the ultimate goal of becoming a consistent winner.

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I can tell from this press conference that Cohen is a businessman who breeds success on not only providing resources but listening to ideas from all and that is the mark of a GREAT executive. He also shared with us that he feels his financial world has many similarities to the baseball world and personally I totally understand that.

As many of you know in addition to my reporting I have consulted with many cable networks on TV Ad sales and it also draws similarities to the sports world. You use analytics to carve out ad sales deals but the performance is what drives repeat business and year to year success. You arm the salespeople with the metrics but ultimately it comes down to your Nielsen ratings coupled with effective use of inventory to command the best prices for that growth. You also must always compare your sales strategies with what is going on the industry just as baseball teams must do.

I do not know if Cohen will ever command control of SNY but if he does he will readily see the similarities of baseball and the TV Ad Sales world. You not only sell your product but you are selling yourself with each deal just as you do in the financial world.

And Cohen did a great job selling himself as an honest and genuine owner who will not be afraid to speak his mind but will ALWAYS listen as well. And Sandy fits neatly in the structure because he operates in the same exact way.

The off-season begins in earnest shortly and the duo of Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson will put the Mets in a great position. They both have the combination of outstanding mind skills coupled with a passion for the Mets that exists in their hearts and souls.

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