Should We See A Jet Coaching Change? By Rich Coutinho

After last night’s loss to the Denver Broncos the Jets sit at 0-4 and the 2020 season is in ruins. With a start like that there is enough blame to go around but the question remains do the Jets need a head coaching change?

It is not a simple answer but the bottom line to me is this coach was brought in to be the best quarterback mentor you could find and in all fairness I have seen slight improvement in the play of Sam Darnold since the arrival of Adam Gase illustrated by things like his touchdown run last night but I expected a more dramatic improvement by this time.

But the issues go further than the quarterback as this team commits far too many penalties and the offensive line still has issues creating holes for the running game or protecting Darnold as he was sacked 6 times last night which has become an issue for the team.

Penalties occur because of lack of discipline and that sits on the desk of Adam Gase. I fully realize that lack of talent is an issue on this roster but discipline of the players you have available speaks to a head coaching issue. Lack of talent speaks to how this roster was constructed and that can become an overriding issue as the Jamal Adams trade has given the Jets more draft picks but in recent years so many picks have been botched by this organization you really wonder how much that could help.

Defensively, this team gives up far too many big plays and in their 4 games this season many of those have come on running plays right up the middle which is totally incomprehensible. That must also be addressed.

So will the Jets pull the plug on Gase? I really do not think so for a number of reasons. First of all in a pandemic season evaluations become tough. Secondly they may want a GM change and let that person pick a coach.

It seems watching this Jet team it is as Yogi Berra would say “deja vu all over again” as we have seen this song and dance before. Leadership is lacking on the sidelines and in the board room and that is a combination that breeds long losing streaks and lost seasons.

In short, I would let the coach go if I were running the Jets to at least send the message that both assistant coaches and players have the rest of the season to prove they are part of the future. Right now that Jet future is as cloudy as I could ever remember it being and that is saying a lot considering the history of this franchise.

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