Jets and Giants Have Most Signs Pointing to 2021

By Jeff Moeller, The New York Extra/

Forgot about the Jets and Giants this year. It’s about a reboot.

Three weeks into the football season, and both New York team have a combined zero wins and their quarterbacks have eight interceptions and five touchdowns.

Both defenses have left a lot to be desired.

One team has a receiving corps that has been reduced to castoffs and taxi-squaders, and the other have some that can’t be reached by their quarterback or reach their potential.

One head coach is being ready to be lead to the gallows, while the other has a general manger who could not be too far behind.

You know the story with the Jets and Giants.

The anticipated promise between them has been closed faster than a restaurant with a COVID case.

Jets’ head coach Adam Gase likely could find out about his fate if his team is embarrassed by a winless Denver club with a backup quarterback Thursday night at the Met Life.

Problem is, who replaces him is he is fired? Is it Jim Bob Cooter, whose stock as a replacement has suddenly risen overnight, or can Jets’ management persuade former Colts’ boss Jim Caldwell to take the job?

 The Giants’ ongoing offensive and defensive line and overall defensive efforts are beginning to point toward GM Dave Gettleman for his personnel choices. His “batting average” – stated by owner John Mara at the time of Joe Judge’s hiring – isn’t hovering around .400.

One thing is certain – change is on the way. It has the makings of a restart for both teams.

It is looking more and more that Jets’ GM Joe Douglas has surrendered this season for a new start next season with a boatload of draft picks and possibly a new quarterback.

Unless they can steer themselves out of these turbulent waters, the Jets appear to be headed to a one –to-three-win season. Trevor Lawrence, I hope you like the big city.

Le’Vean Bell and Sam Darnold both should find new homes, and any non-contributors – notably  defensive lineman Henry Anderson for one – could be given some airline tickets.

Douglas will start anew and build a foundation. He began this year with Mekhi Becton, La’Mical Perrine, and Ashtyn Davis.

The Giants will wait and see how Daniel Jones does or doesn’t develop the rest of the season, and now one wonders if Saquon Barkley can take the rigors of the NFL with season-ending injuries in three years.

Andrew Thomas, Darius Slayton, and Darnay Holmes could be building blocks for the new foundation under a new GM.

Judge will get the pass this season, but Gettleman could walk the plank if the club doesn’t respond.

The next 15 weeks could be a recurring headache or a glimmer of hope.

Whatever the case, it’s time to look ahead to 2021. Go Yankees!

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