Miss Adam Gase? His Critiques Will Begin Soon

By Jeff Moeller, The New York Extra/

Adam Gase would have been under fire right now.

You know what I mean. Think about how many times you have heard his name in discussions over the last five months. It hasn’t been in the usual hundreds-plus.

The radio talk airwaves and daily newspapers and websites haven’t been flooding their outlets with reasons for him to be dismissed.  

He would have had had two preseason games under his belt, and heading into the pivotal Week Three “dress rehearsal.”

The media vultures and fans alike likely would have picked apart some aspect(s) of his offense or game management. Take a look at the Fire Adam Gase Twitter of Facebook accounts.

Granted, Gase has made his share of mistakes.  But he has been the victim of being the unpopular choice of the Jets’ coaching derby last January as well as the preconceived notions of a losing record in his two-year stint in Miami

For Gase’s case, the key word is would.

This is the unorthodox summer camp, and Gase isn’t on the radar.

He had sidestepped into the backdrop, having other Jets’ personnel step to the front of the stage.

Earlier this year, the Jets’ spotlight belonged to GM Joe Douglas, who worked his way through his first free-agency period followed by the draft.

From there, the Jets’ position in the media world was dominated by Jamal Adams’ feud with the club and Thomas and the subsequent trade talks.

Over the last few weeks, their docket has been inundated with a rash of injuries, highlighted by the hamstring problems of second-round receiver Denzel Mims.

Gase’s presence also has been overshadowed by Giants’ first-year head coach Joe Judge, whose throwback, military-like style has fired up their base and the football world on both positive and negative fronts.

To his credit, Gase has been straightforward and business like in pressers, and he has praised the development of his players.

He must be breathing of sigh of relief, as he isn’t in the center of the bullseye this summer.

However, Gase knows it won’t last forever.

He’ll be back in the crosshairs when the Jets open the season at Buffalo Sept. 13. Gase will have little room for error. The pressure knob was turned a couple of notches higher with the Jets winning six of their last eight games last season.

Gase deserves a clean slate this season and needs to have quarterback Sam Darnold and running back Le’Veon Bell healthy for the entire run. If he does, the onus then will be upon him.

Less than seven wins with a basically healthy club will ignite Jets’ fans to round up the pitchforks and torches for Gase.

Until them, give him a chance.

Gase must be enjoying the time backstage, but he realizes the curtain again will rise soon.

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