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Sheri Miller Goldberg, The Queen of the Scene, by Neil Miller ,The New York Extra/TheNYExtra.com, Editing by Toni Hoyos

Sheri’s Scene joins fans, musicians, and club owners in one happy family.

07/02/2020 Sheri Miller Goldberg, in front of KJ Farrells, Bellmore NY Neil Miller The New York Extra/TheNYExtra.com copyright 2020

It’s the weekend, and you want music, but don’t know who’s playing? The answer? Sheri’s Scene! For over 7 years Sheri has crafted an on line entity, bringing music lovers what they need, giving musicians and bands an outlet to reach out to those fans, and a forum for venue owners to promote their places.

What started as a dare between friends to post a list on line of music events, has now grown into a force of 7500 members, and growing.

Interviewing Sheri was a pleasure, since we have known each other for over 5 years, and spent a lot of that time in the company of mutual friends at music clubs. Unpretentious in what she does in the Scene , Sheri is proud of her work, not only in bringing people to the music, but bringing people together to make friends.

07/02/2020 Sheri Miller Goldberg on the patio at KJ Farrells, Neil Miller The New York Extra/TheNYExtra.com
Neil Miller interviews Sherri today 07/02/2020

Sheri also helps to promote various benefit events and concerts, and seems to know everyone, everywhere. Be it at KJ Farrells, her “home base” for over 10 years ,or 317 in Farmingdale, 89 North in Patchogue, Napper Tandys in Smithtown, or the new, My Father’s Place in Roslyn, Sherri’s influence in the Long Island Music Scene is an important and beneficial one.

During the current crisis, Sheri has advocated for the small restaurant owner, the small club owner and social issues concerning all Long Islanders. To sum it up? Don’t know what to do? Ask Sheri”s Scene!

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