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By Lenn Robbins

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President Donald Trump is irked at the NFL, which could be some of the best news the beleaguered league has received lately.

The President believes that the league’s recent admission that it was “wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all players to speak out and peacefully protest”. meant to Trump that Roger Goodell and the franchise owners were now condoning that players could kneel during the national anthem,

Trump tweeted:

“Could it be even remotely possible that in Roger Goodell’s rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation, he was intimating that it would now be O.K. for players to KNEEL, or not to stand, for the National Anthem, thereby disrespecting our Country & our Flag?”

The league didn’t use the word kneel but that’s about as peaceful a protest as you get.

 When Saints QB Drew Brees, whose grandfathers both fought in WWII, was met with swift and overwhelming condemnation by fellow players for saying, ‘I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of American or our country,” the league stayed mum. Not Trump.

No, the man who acknowledged he avoided military service by making up a fake injury (bone spurs) was doing what he does best, divide and conquer. He’s done it well enough to win an election for the highest office in the free world he’s proven time and time again that when times get tough, he defaults to what he knows best.

From the day he was sworn in and bragged about having had the largest inauguration crowd in history, to claiming he would build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, to separating families at the border, to blowing up environmental legislation, to stating there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville, to pushing through a new tax code that favors the uber rich, Trump has proven to be a human Molotov cocktail.

The NFL has been one of his favorite topics for stoking division. He criticized Brees for apologizing.

He Tweeted that players should stand for the anthem in 2017, “If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!”

He upped the rhetoric in May of 2018 saying that if a player doesn’t stand, “Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.” 

Times are changing right in front of the President’s face. It’s the kind of change a hate monger doesn’t like.

The Carolina Panthers yesterday removed the statue of its former owner, Jerry Richardson, who was exposed in a 2017 Sports Illustrated article as having used a racial slur and creating a hostile work environment.

 Also yesterday, NASCAR announced it was removing the Confederate flag from all racetracks.

The voices the president doesn’t want to hear are being heard around the country and the world. When that happens, the malevolent child in chief usually throws a tantrum.

I’m betting he will. Maybe not today or tomorrow but surely by the first week of the NFL season when players protest peacefully. He’ll lash out at the NFL which needs to back its recent statements with actions.

If Trump doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t be in the country.

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