China, Deceit, Disease and Death, Part 3 by Neil Miller The New York Extra,TheNYExtra.com, additional reporting and editing by Toni Hoyos

On March 5, I published the 1st of 3 articles concerning the COVID -19 catastrophe, for which I was universally condemned for being racist and a xenophobe. Although my language in the first post was harsh, the points that I wrote seem to be accepted more widely now by everyday readers as since portrayed by the mainstream media. As time has progressed recent articles by the NY Times, USA Today and Yahoo News all agree with my thoughts. Please see the attached links to their stories.

Today as the virus ravages the world, it’s time for everyone all over the globe to rethink its economic, social, and governmental ties to the RED Chinese leadership. If you clearly look at their actions, you can only come to the conclusion that the Chinese seek to dominate, not cooperate with the world in their monetary policies. We should rethink the global supply lines and become more self sufficient and self reliant as a nation.

Furthermore the UN and other world bodies should investigate to see if the Chinese and their lack of actions led us to the place we are today. The largest compensation should be paid by the Chinese to the countries most affected by this pandemic. Perhaps, in our case, funding to the treasury to help pay for direct payments to the US citizens.

There’s no doubt of who the villain is and has been in the past! Let’s call out the Communist Chinese and make them pay!

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