Missing “Identity” is sinking the Islander

by Neil Miller /The New York Islander

File photo/Neil Miller/The New York Extra/copyright 2020

How times have changed! Earlier this year The Islanders were in the top tier of teams , not only in the conference , but the league itself.The two headed monster of Greiss and Varlamov were close to unbeatable.And the 4th line not only scored goals, but rang your bell for good measure.

Now all that good feelings and wins have gone away, it seems with the injuries to Clutterbuck, Cizikas and now Johnny Boychuk. The fans have to ask themselves, “Are we back in the bad old days before Coach Trotz and owner Ledecky?”

Hard to say, but one thing seems obvious, without the hard nosed 4th line, and now the porous goaltending, the team seems lost and without the grit to compete.It would seem the other lines need to find a way out of the mud in the time remaining to make the playoffs

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