Made in China, Deceit, Disease and Death

An Editorial by Neil Miller/Publisher/The New York Extra

Depending on what source you read, listen and believe, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the current crisis. That is, the actions of China, its people and its government are at the root cause of the coronavirus epidemic.

Let’s start with deceit. From all accounts, the Chinese government knew about the outbreak perhaps a month before the breakout and attempted to hide it. Indeed, when the rumors placed the source at the Wuhan biological center, first they said the center wasn’t involved but then walked back that statement with a series of announcements saying how their security at the facility needed to be better.

If you listen to some reports, certain staff at the center were selling infected lab animals for food consumption to the Wuhan public. Again, not confirmed but not denied.

That being said, it appears that the past few worldwide epidemics have stemmed from China. Swine flu, bird flu, Sars, perhaps Mers and now the coronavirus. How have these diseases been born and spread? From what the news stories show, it is the barbaric food and unsanitary habits of the mainland Chinese population. This is not meant to be a racist statement but rather based on their uncivilized behavior that certainly breeds animal to human diseases.

What can be done about this? The Chinese government must accept full responsibility for #1 The possible leak of a biological warfare virus and #2 If it is indeed an animal to human transmitted disease the Chinese government must stop the trade and consumption of theses animals and the market places where they are sold with the strongest possible enforcement.

Further, as previous events originating in China shows this is not the first nor probably the last of these events, China should compensate the rest of the world in money and service for their poor deeds.

It’s time to let China be held accountable for this outbreak and many other past questionable actions. No more free passes just because they have the world by their monetary short hairs.

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