October 2, 2023

3 thoughts on “Penny Wise, Schiano Foolish: Time For Rutgers to Invest in its Future

  1. Perfect article – fingers crossed RUtgers BOD read this or at least half of your amazing assessment !
    Very thorough and accurate .
    I played for Frank Burns. We won a lot of games and were sorely marginalized on all fronts.
    This is RUtgers last chance or say good bye to BIG10 .

    1. Thanks Matt…If Northwestern, Minnesota, etc can build respectable programs, there’s no reason why Rutgers can’t. Is there a lot of work to do? You bet. But I remember that night in 2006 when the Scarlet Knights beat Louisville. Sweet!

    2. Rutgers finally made a good decision by hiring Greg Schiano. However, since AD Hobbs has been outspoken against re-hiring Schiano, will Hobbs keep his job. Hopefully not since he is a clueless AD.

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