We Are Family? No, We Are Savages

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By Lenn Robbins

  For a team that plays in The Jungle, it’s confounding that no manager or player in pinstripes had ever before claimed, “My Guys Are Savages.”

 Aaron Boone has turned out to be a terrific manager. There’s no better proof than the first half of this season when so many in pinstripes had a red cross. His players like him but after Thursday’s epic blowup with rookie umpire Brennan Miller and subsequent ejection, this is a renewing of vows.

“My guys are f**king savages in that f**king box, right?!” raged Boone.

And thus, a rallying cry for the ages was born: My Guys Are Savages!

By Friday night, Luke Voit, with a lot of help from BarStool Sports, the Yankees had ‘Savage’ T-shirts.

Sure hope that Boone trademarked his slogan because you know every factory from Vietnam to China and back are revving up their printing presses. By Saturday morning there were T-shirts ranging from $13-$28 on the web ready to be had.

“We’re gonna rock it for a while,” Voit told The Post.

The Yankees didn’t need a rallying cry this season. After losing four straight in April to drop to 5-8, the Yankees arguably have been the best team in baseball.

They showed themselves to be savages Friday night when Edwin Encarnacion blasted a grand slam in the bottom of the third to lead the Yankees to an 8-2 win over the Rockies. They are 30 games above .500 (63-33) and have the best record in baseball going into Saturday’s matinee.

But there are no guarantees that the best team in late-July is the team that will hoist the championship trophy in October. The A’s, Astros, Indians, Rays and Twins, who have been cooling while the heat is rising, are formidable foes in the AL. The Braves, Cubs, Dodgers and resurgent Nationals lurk in the NL.

Perhaps Boone’s savage slogan will push the Yankees to greater heights. Certainly, he’s upped his standing in the clubhouse and in the boardroom.

“It shows that he is one with his players,” Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner told The Post. “He is there with them and for them, step by step throughout this season. As any good leader would, and should, be. Aaron is a good leader.”

“I think he uses that term to give us confidence,” MVP candidate DJ LeMahieu told reporters. “We obviously have a good lineup, but when your manager has your back like that, it goes a long ways. … Watching it on video, I don’t think you could’ve really written it any better. I thought it was one of the coolest things.”

Also cool is that Boone called Miller to apologize for the tirade. There can be a fine line between leader and bully and Boone made certain to stay on the correct side.

Now he has the most potent lineup in baseball. He has a pitching staff that should get a boost before the July 31st trade deadline. He’s got his own T-shirt. And he’s got a rallying cry for the ages.

‘My Guys Are Savages.” It sure beats, “We Are Family.”

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